Lusofonia Games

Scoop was the Production Partner and Technical Consultant for the Lusofonia Games (Portuguese Commonwealth Games), opening and closing ceremonies, held in Goa in 2014.

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The Opening ceremony features Ground projections using 48 Units of 20000 Lumens, Christie Roadster Projectors, fired from acute angles of 15 Degrees from the top of the stands, one of the most technically challenging projection mapping projects at that time, given the angles, coverage & production time involved, made even more challenging by the fact that the grounds were being used for practice each day, which meant the ground covers came off every morning and were to be put back every evening for alignments and content testing  .
The projection content was designed by The Internationally Acclaimed Bart Kresa Studio.
Our work on the project started from the pitch stage, were we worked with the agency Percept ICE, to bring on boards our teams previous experience with Venue Operations for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Common Wealth Games in Delhi. We worked with Percept on the concept for the opening and closing ceremonies and brought on board a team of creative personnel with previous experience on such large scale events to design the show. Our team worked alongside with Percept for international sourcing of projection equipment &  specialist, ground support and construct vendors, props suppliers, costume designers, rehearsal spaces, LX designers and other technical equipment and pyrotechnics to put together the show.
The team from Scoop Consisted of over two dozen production professionals handing the main site and offsite rehearsal venues for the ceremonies.